Token sucking

Tokens either have a denomination shown or implied by size, color or shape. In their purest form, currency tokens issued by a company crossed the boundary of merely being “trade” tokens when they were token sucking by the local government authority.

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In effect, the organization behind the tokens became the regional bank. A classic example of this is the Strachan and Co trade tokens of East Griqualand in South Africa which were used as currency by the indigenous people in the region from 1874. Their initial success resulted from the scarcity of small change in this remote region from that time. Similarly, in times of high inflation, tokens have sometimes taken on a currency role. A brothel token from the Red Dog Saloon. Their functions are not known from written history, but they appear to have been brothel tokens or possibly gaming tokens. Medieval English monasteries issued tokens to pay for services from outsiders.

These tokens circulated in nearby villages where they were called “Abbot’s money. The token was in effect a pledge redeemable in goods but not necessarily for currency. These tokens never received official sanction from government but were accepted and circulated quite widely. This shortage was felt more keenly because of the rapid growth of trade in the towns and cities, and this in turn prompted both local authorities and merchants to issue tokens. Halfpenny and penny tokens usually, but not always, bear the denomination on their face. Most such tokens indicate the name of their issuer, which might either be his or her full name or initials. Where initials were provided, it was common practice to provide three—one for the surname, and the other two for the first names of husband and wife.

Token sucking

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Tokens would also normally indicate the merchant establishment concerned, either by name or by picture. Most were round, but they are also found in square, heart or octagonal shapes. While many were used in trade, they were also produced for advertising and political purposes, and some series were produced for the primary purpose of sale to collectors. Show World Center token, New York City, c. These were issued by merchants in payment for goods with the agreement that they would be redeemed in goods to an equivalent value at the merchants’ own outlets. The transaction is therefore one of barter, with the tokens playing a role of convenience, allowing the seller to receive his goods at a rate and time convenient to himself and the merchant, to tie the holder of the token coin to his shop.

Trade tokens often change slowly and subtly into barter tokens over time, as evidenced by the continued circulation of former trade tokens when the need for their use had passed. Aluminum trade token from Osage, Kansas. 1860s made up for shortages of official money. In a narrow sense, trade tokens are “good for” tokens, issued by merchants. Types of merchants that issued tokens included general stores, grocers, department stores, dairies, meat markets, drug stores, saloons, bars, taverns, barbers, coal mines, lumber mills and many other businesses. The era of 1870 through 1920 marked the highest use of “trade tokens” in the United States, spurred by the proliferation of small stores in rural areas.

Token sucking

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Thousands of small general and merchandise stores were to be found all over the United States, and many of them used trade tokens to promote trade and extend credit to customers. Aluminum tokens almost always date after 1890, when low-cost production began. Token coins in an arcade game. The tokens are interchangeable with money at the casino. They generally have no value outside of the casino.

Treasury, and casinos were soon allowed to start using their own tokens to operate their slot machines. 1979, most casinos reinstituted tokens, fearing confusion with quarters and not wishing to extensively retool their slot machines. Those casinos which still use tokens in slot machines still use Eisenhower-sized ones. In many jurisdictions, casinos are not permitted to use currency in slot machines, necessitating tokens for smaller denominations. Tokens are being phased out by many casinos in favor of coinless machines which accept banknotes and print receipts for payout. In video arcades, they are also being phased out in favor of magnetic cards, which can also count how many tickets one has, allowing arcades to also do away with paper tickets. Staff tokens were issued to staff of businesses in lieu of coin.

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This design was introduced in 2006. 1997 when magnetic cards were introduced. The practice was also recently discontinued in Israel, leading to a trend of wearing the devalued tokens as necklaces. Often given to children to collect and redeem for prizes. 18th century in regions where national or local colonial governments did not issue enough small denomination coins for circulation. Local stores, saloons and mercantiles would issue their own tokens as well, usable only in their own shops.

Replicas of these tokens have been made available for sale at some churches recently. British Tokens And Their Values, Peter Seaby et al, page 7 of the second edition. A Guide Book of United States Coins, R. 1865 Australian cuprous halfpenny trading token. This page was last edited on 6 December 2017, at 20:41. It is a quest reward and a mission reward. In the Other Items category.

Token sucking

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